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[[mw:PWB|Pywikipedia]] is migrating to Git so after July 26, SVN checkouts won't be updated If you're using Pywikipedia you have to switch to git, otherwise you will use out-dated framework and your bot might not work properly. There is a [[mw:Manual:Pywikipediabot/Gerrit|manual]] for doing that and a [https://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/07/21/pywikipediabot-moving-to-git-on-july-26/ blog post] explaining about this change in non-technical language. If you have question feel free to ask in [[mw:Manual talk:Pywikipediabot/Gerrit]], [https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/pywikipedia-l mailing list], or in the [irc://irc.freenode.net/#pywikipediabot IRC channel]. Best [[mw:User:Ladsgroup|Amir]] <small>(via [[m:Global message delivery|Global message delivery]]).<small> 13:43, 23 июля 2013 (UTC)</small>
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== [[:m:Community Logo/Request for consultation|Request for consultation on community logo]] ==
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[[File:Wikimedia Community Logo.svg|thumb|Request for consultation on this community logo]]
First, I’d like to apologize for the English. If you can, please help to translate this for other members of your community.
The legal team at the Wikimedia Foundation would greatly appreciate your input on the best way to manage the "community logo" (pictured here) to best balance protection of the projects with community support. Accordingly, they have created a “request for consultation” on Meta where they set out briefly some of the issues to be considered and the options that they perceive. [[:m:Community Logo/Request for consultation|Your input would be invaluable]] in helping guide them in how best to serve our mission.
Thank you! --[[m:User:Mdennis|Mdennis]] ([[m:User talk:Mdennis|talk]]) <small>(via the [[m:Global message delivery|Global message delivery]] system)</small>. 03:07, 24 сентября 2013 (UTC) <small>(wrong page? [[m:Distribution list/Global message delivery|You can fix it.]])</small>
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