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say that I do not approve of communities such as your commonwealth, or that I do not think them to be a good thing. On the contrary, I approve of them with all my heart and am very interested in your commonwealth and wish it the greatest success.

I think that every man who can free himself from the conditions of wordly life without breaking the ties of love — love the main principle in the name of which he seeks new forms of life — I think such a man not only must, but naturally join people who have the same beliefs and who try to live up to them. If I were free I would immediately even at my age join such a colony. I only wished to say that the mere forming of communities is not a solution for the christian problem, but is only one of the means of its solution. The revolution that is going on for the attainment of the christian ideal is so enormous, our life is so different from what it ought to be, that for the perfect success of this revolution, for the concordance of conscience and life, is needed the work of all men — men living in communities as well as men of the world living in the most different conditions. This ideal is not so quickly and so simply attained, as we think and wish it. This ideal will be attained only when every

man in the whole world will say: Why should I sell my services and buy yours? If mine are greater than yours I owe them to you, because if there is in the whole world one man who does not think and act by this principle, and who, will take and keep by violence, what he can take from others, no man can live a true christian life, as well in a community as outside it. We cannot be saved separately, we must be saved all together. And this can be attained only through the modification of the conception of life i. e. the faith of all men; and to this end we must work all together — men living in the world as well as men living in communities.

We must all of us remember that we are messengers from the great King — the God of Love with the message of unity and

love between all living beings. And therefore we must not for a minute forget our mission and do all what we thilk useful and agreable for ourselves only so long as it is not in opposition to our mission which is to be accomplished not only by words, but by example and especially by the infection of love.

Please give my respect and love to the colonists ans ask them not to be offended by me giving them advice, which may be