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204. С. А. Толстой от 1 августа 1898 г.

* 205. Л. А. Сулержицкому.

1898 г. Июля конец — начало августа? Я. П.

Подтверждаю первую телеграмму. Езжайте Батум.

Печатается по копии в письме Сулержицкого к Толстому от 9 августа 1898 г. Датируется по содержанию.

9 августа из Тифлиса Сулержицкий писал Толстому, что он приехал в Батум по делам переселения духоборов позже, чем следует, ввиду путаницы, произошедшей с телеграммами от Толстого и Бирюкова.

* 206. Джемсу Мевору (James Маvоr).

1898 г. Августа 4. Я. П.

James Mavor. Toronto.

Dear Sir,

I have just received your letter and answer it immediately.

1) The Doukhobortsy are the best farmers of Russia.

2) They would use land and seeds given to them in the best way.

3) They are not only not addicted to sexual excesses but are living the most chaste family life.

4) They would adapt themselves to any climate.

5) They would send their children to the common school, if the children would not be obliged to receive religious teaching.

6) To answer the 6-th point: if it would be possible for a part of 500 to 1000 persons to emigrate at once it would be necessary to know how much money would be necessary for the passage. The emigration fund is now only about 25 roubles per head (the children enclosed). We hope to augment the fund but it would (be) very desirable to have an accurate calculation of the costs necessary for the emigration for a family, say of life or six members.

If you would be so kind to make this calculation and to send it to us, it would be a great help for us.

With kind regard
yours faithfully
Leo Tolstoy.

16 August 1898.