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of Shintoism, but doubt that thinking Japanese men of our time can partake of this faith. I know Konfutionism, Taoism and Bouddism and have the greatest respect for the religious and metaphysical principles of those doctrines, which are the same as the fundamental principles of Christianity. There is only one religion which manifests itself by different sides to different nations, and should very much like to know the Japanese view of the fundamental religious principles. In European littеrature I could not find any vestige of it. If you can help me in this matter, if only by stating your religious views, I will be very thankful.

By religious views I understand the answer to the chief and most important question for man, what is the meaning of the life that he is obliged to live.

You speak in your letter of the Russian revolution and the reforms that are to be in Japan. I think that there is only one revolution and one reform impending everywhere in the world: it is the destruction of not only all great states, but of all kind of states, the liberation of men from obedience to human power.

I have written a book about it (the last) which has for title «The end of the age». It has been translated into english3 and I will ask my friend in England4 to send you a copy, but may be you can get one in your libraries. Please let me have your opinion on the ideas expressed in that book.

I thank you heartily for your letter, your books and your sympathy to me. Give please my regards to your wife and ask her, if it is not presuming too much, to write me, if it is possible in a few words her religious belief: what does she live for and what is the highest law of her life, the law to which all other human laws and desires ought to be sacrificed.

Кенджиро Токутоми.

Апреля 25-го 1906.

Тула, Ясная Поляна.

Дорогой друг,

Я давно уже получил ваше письмо и ваши две книги.1 Было бы слишком долго и бесполезно объяснять, почему я до сих пор не отвечал.2 Пожалуйста, извините меня. Надеюсь и желаю, чтобы мое письмо застало вас на старом месте в добром здоровье и в том же добром ко мне расположении, в котором вы писали.